The Ring Survival

Custom World with Custom Mechanics and Slimefun!

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Players: 1/30
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Score: 31
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The Ring Survival

The Ring Survival is a Server for Players looking for a challenge... and Adventure!

A Custom World with entirely custom terrain generation, villages, dungeons and more!

Slimefun is here to make the world fun and grindy!

Natural Regen is OFF in the wild. It is turned on in most towns and settlements!

Mature Community - we want players to be 14+. If you are under that age, the server may be too difficult or hard to understand. We have a community of mostly adults as most of our players have been playing MC for a long time!

Make your own Fast Travel by building air ships and naval ships to fast travel around the world!

Lore and Story - this world has secrets like no other... what lies beyond the veil of the end? Why do strange symbols keep appearing again and again? There are also stories within the world itself. NPCS with names and homes and stories.

Grief Prevention - you can claim your own land! Up to 20,000 blocks of your own territory! What a deal! You start with only 100, but you gain more per hour of playtime!

Floating Islands are here! I, the server owner, personally LOVE floating islands and staff is constantly adding new ones in... just for fun!