We have skyblock, smp, A city called DuckyCity and we have kitPvP!

Location:USUnited States
Players: 2/500
Checked: Disabled
Votes: 1

DuckyMc is a cool server hosted by Apex hosting! DuckyMc has had more than a year of hard work put into it! DuckyMc Has SkyBlock, Skyblock is a game mode that you start on an island and you work your way up to get an awesome island! DuckyMc Also has KitPvP, KitPvP is a game mode that you PVP/fight people until someone wins! DuckyMc Has SMP, SMP is a game mode that you just have fun in! Your friends can join the server to and you guys can play SMP! DuckyMc Has a thing called DuckyCity, DuckyCity is a city that has a lot of ducks in there! Ducks are why the server was made! So we made a city that took more than a year, to make! You can join it! Server Made By D8CKYGAM3R!