Terms of Use

By using MCServers.top you agree to the following Terms of Service. The use of “We” or “Us” on this page refers to the site and its administrators. The use of “You” refers to the visitors and users of the website. If you do not agree to any of the following terms, please discontinue the use of MCServers.top.

Server content

You are only permitted to add a server to MCServers.top if you are the owner of the server or if the owner has given you explicit permission.

You may create only one listing for the same server; multiple listings will be removed. Once a server has been added, you agree to allow MCServers.top to make regular attempts to gather and store data from your server (players online, version, MOTD, etc.) and display this information on our website. As a server owner, you agree not to upload any pornographic, illegal, racist, or hateful content as part of the server details (banner, name, description, etc.).


Please, avoid usage of all kinds of inappropriate banners, such as rapid flashing or any offensive or unacceptable content, as mentioned in the “Server Content” section (above). Banners shall not confuse visitors into thinking they are part of the site structure—for example, by using MCServers.top assets or imitating site characteristics. The staff of the website reserves the right to remove any banners they consider inappropriate.

Removal of servers

MCServers.top reserves the right to remove any server at any time, with or without prior notice. A server may be removed for reasons including, but not limited to:

  • Inappropriate server details (banner, name, description, etc.)
  • Abuse of the voting system
  • Low uptime (servers older than 10 days are automatically removed if the uptime falls below 25%)
  • Anything other than the exact server name in the name field

Cracked servers of any kind, which are strictly forbidden and should not be added to the website. Any cracked servers will be removed immediately upon discovery.

We also reserve the right to modify or remove individual server details (banner, name, description, etc.) without prior notice when they are deemed inappropriate but not to an extent that warrants complete removal of the server.

Warranty disclaimer

There are no warranties of any kind for this website.

Change of terms

We reserve the right to change these terms of service at any time, with or without notice.

Last Revision: July 6, 2020