SkyphosMC Prison [1.8-1.16]

Launching today!

Location:GBUnited Kingdom
Players: 0/960
Checked: Disabled
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Celebrate the opening of an amazing, feature-packed and inclusive new Minecraft prison server!SkyphosMC is a brand new Minecraft prison server created by 3 previous Minecraft server owners. Owned by 3 experienced server owners means we have the tools and resources necessary to keep bringing you amazing new content, keep the in-game currency dynamic we know in 6 months 1,000 coins wont be worth the same as it is today and patch bugs and exploits quicker than ever before.Being a prisoner has never been more fun! With daily crates, prestiges, weekly giveaways, OP kits and hardcore PvP zones, we guarantee youll never be bored.Competitive? So are we! Scoreboards and Leaderboards dotted around the server means everyone can see your name at the top of every list. Your name has never looked so good before. Compete for the most money, the most kills and the most votes and if you climb up to the 1 spot you could have a handsome rank for all to see in chat once we announce our weekly giveaway winners.What you waiting for? You cant experience all these amazing features and compete for outstanding prizes reading this! Connect to now to begin your epic adventure through a new take on Minecraft prison!