Simple Monster

Enigmatica 6 | New small server | Active owner | Zero P2W | UK/GER | Ryzen 3600 | 10GB RAM

Location:GBUnited Kingdom
Players: 0/20
Checked: Disabled
Score: 0
Votes: 1
Simple Monster

Game Difficulty : Normal

Active helpful owner, building a small community.

Gamerules :

  • doFiretick false - Fire spread is off

  • mobGriefing false - Creeper explosions are off.

Server's located in Germany but the owner is in the UK.

By playing on the server you agree to the below rules

Rules :

  • Duping/cheating or anything exploitative are not tolerated at all - Instant ban.

  • Do not grief or steal anything

  • Be respectful to everyone

  • Don't use the builder for making holes. No chunk destroying. - QUARRY CARD ONLY

  • No lag intensive machines/processes

  • Please try not to leave floating trees or 1x1 towers : It's not nice to look at for anyone

  • No Spam/Advertising/Trolling/Racism/Sexism etc.