Automating everything, no exceptions.

Location:GBUnited Kingdom
Type:SlimefunKeep InventorySurvivalAutomationInfinity ExpansionLand ClaimRanks
Players: 6/200
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Score: 58
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Welcome to MetaMechanists. We're largely oriented around Slimefun, a plugin that adds hundreds of new items. Design huge factories, automate everything, become invincible, go to space, build cool stuff. Our powerful dedicated server hardware allows for large-scale factories and all kinds of other builds without impacting performance. We have just reset (15/01/2022) so everyone is on equal footing.

Unfamiliar with Slimefun? That’s fine, our community and staff members will be happy to help you learn. Progress through a rank system using a custom plugin by crafting increasingly difficult sets of Slimefun items to rank up and gain access to new commands.

A full list of plugins and Slimefun addons, along with a changelog and roadmap, can be found on our website at

The server is entirely volunteer-run and we don’t aim to make money off it. We host events regularly and focus on maintain a strong community, focusing on quality over quantity.

Sounds good to you? Drop by on Minecraft using or join our Discord at See you there :)