We have f top prizes and /duels!

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New OG Minecraft Factions Server! F Top 1 Prize $50USD and other credits! We at RozayPvP want to give you an experience as close to the original 1.8 factions we all know and love in 1.16. We are looking for staff but won't give it to just anybody, we would like players to come and look around give some suggestions as we are always updating, improving, and adding new content so giving suggestions is very helpful. We have a discord so join the server to get the link and to start playing! Some features we have is of course 1.8 PVP, /ah, /duels, /vote, /f top 1, KOTH, Crates, Bounties and more everyweek. Come join and let us know what you think! 

- RozayPvP Team