Play the famous rl-craft with others!

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Hey :),

we are glad you are interested in our server. We want to give you a short introduction.

Dragontown-rl  is a small server where a bunch of friendly minecraft players come together to have fun building, farming and fighting. 

The server is using the famous rl-craft modpack which you can download from curseforge (https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/rlcraft). The rl-craft modpack has many new mobs, new items and weapons, new structures and a new health system. Mods in it are for example: BountifulBaubles, Dynamic Surroundings, First Aid, Ice and Fire: Dragons, Lycanites Mobs, Spartan and Fire, Defiled Lands, Tough As Nails and many other great mods.

You create yourself an island which is then protected from other players and you can expand it and invite other players to it. You could build a town on one island like that for example. So you could live on your island or you can also set yourself a home with /home set. Also there is an Economy system. You can trade with other players and you can build chestshops to sell your items.

Otherwise the Server is just like a normal SMP, you can build farms, have war and steal items from other players.

We are searching for active players, who have fun interacting with others and playing together or as rivals.

You should behave respectfully to everyone.

About us:

Our serverteam is a small group of people who enjoy playing minecraft and hosting a server.

We aren´t that experienced, but we make up for it with commitment and responseability.

This is the second server of the dragontown server family. Check out dragontown-origins too if you are interested.

If that sounds fun to you and you want to know more, just visit the server or check out our discord server (https://discord.gg/Hd59QnEXB7).

Hopefully we´ll see you soon!

The Dragontown Serverteam