Raycasting's modded server

Fabric modded server!

Location:GBUnited Kingdom
Players: 0/100
Checked: 1 month ago
Score: 14
Votes: 0

A modded minecraft server for 1.16.5

Mods: Origins, Added Origins, voidwalker origins, Origins: Umbrellas, Lato Origins, Slime Origin, The Aether Reborn, BetterEnd, BCLib, AdventureZ, VoidZ, Bewitchment, Crimson Moon, Fabric API, GeckoLIB [FABRIC], Mod Menu (Optional), MoStructures, Patchouli, Pehkui, Rat's Mischief, Requiem, Requiem - Pandemonium, Rougly Enough Items (Optional), Somnus API, Trinkets (Fabric)

If any troubles be sure to join the discord and ask me for some help

Ingame rules:

No spamming

No cheating or glitching

If a staff member tells you to stop doing something you must stop and refrain from doing that activity again

No bullying

No doing things to lag the server