Chroma Technology

Modded Minecraft Let's Play 18+

Location:USUnited States
Players: ???/???
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Hello we want more players for Chroma Technology modpack!Join us for the fun!We are 2 friends seeking more friends to play with. This is a fairly new server, and we are both new to modded minecraft. Chroma Technology strives to bring a new modpack experience. Multiple craft have been changed to be able to move slowly towards the end game. Featuring a unique collection of mods like AmbientSounds, Galacticraft and ExtraPlanets, Gravitation Suit, Modular Powersuits and more, on top of classics such as IC2, BuildCraft, Twilight Forest, AE2, and their add-ons, you have a lot to expect. With a unique collection of over 300 mods, 1000+ quests, optimized & configured gameplay, and more surprises. Chroma Technology strives to provide the best playing experience.