DeathItself RLCraft

Get ready to meet Death!

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DeathItself is a server created for the means of a civilization server, there will be factions, currency, nd trades. We are on US Servers and trying to get people to join from all around. I will be adding in more plugins as the server progresses and people make more suggestions

We sometimes say "Semi-Anarchy" because with the exception of hacking, cheating, and harassment, the admins let you do whatever you want. But don't let that fool you, the players will form powerful governments and nations which strictly enforce their justice! So if you expect to jump on and do some easy raiding, you'll be in for a surprise. You'll find we take the concepts of "towny" and "factions" to higher levels, with more freedom and more flexible tools!

Explore a large map filled with monsters and danger, every step you take into nature there shall be something ready to kill you, we are trying to make the game as difficult as possible while still maintaining a playable environment

There will be politicians, casuals, mortals, and gods. the only thing you have to decide now is what your fate shall be.

Join our discord to gain access to our server and be able to gain permissions, get ready for the trip and thank you for the time; our server will be at 25 capacity until everything progresses and will be opened up more in a month. Come Join and become the player you were meant to be :)