Nether Survival

Survival but you spawn in the nether. There is no overworld!

Location:USUnited States
Type:SurvivalSMPAnarchySemi-AnarchySpigot1.17.1NewSmallCustom RecipesCustomized MobsNether
Players: 0/1000000000
Checked: Disabled
Score: 6
Votes: 0
Nether Survival

Nether Survival is a server where you spawn in the nether and can not escape to the overworld (doing so will kill you)! There are custom crafting recipes that let you obtain items that would normally be unobtainable in the nether. There are also many cool features such as customized mobs, auto-chopping trees, nether in the water, obtainable mob spawners, and free name colors.

The only rules are no cheating such as using x-ray or a hacked client nor spamming the chat.