Geopolitical Minecraft Server!

Type:SurvivalEarth MapGeopolitical
Players: 3/20
Checked: Disabled
Score: 3
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Globecraft - Geopolitical Server with Vanilla Claiming

- - - Geopolitical - - -

On Globecraft we believe in letting the players do mostly as they want with diplomacy and roleplaying. Nothing you do in terms of diplomacy is binding, and you don't have to roleplay either. If you just want to build then that's also fine. Though, if you want to stay undisturbed, you still have to consider what nation to join, as there is no way to avoid wars.

The staff team try to make as little rules as possible, and not overcomplicate things, with the exception of wars, which need some rules and restrictions to make them fair, fun, and rewarding.

Anyone can claim a nation if they want to, though, as we don't have any claiming plugin, this has to be done in the discord, and accepted by the moderators. Claiming is required to have your land protected from griefing. Though, if a player wants to, they may also choose to not claim land and stay nationless.

- - - Staff team - - -

The staff team on Globecraft is elected by the players. This happens on a monthly basis. Everyone who wants to be elected or re-elected, including eixsting staff, can apply for it, and then all players have a vote on which candidates they want to win. The people with most votes win and become staff members. Currently there are 5 moderators, though it may change in the future with the growth of the community.

There are only 2 staff members that are not elected. Those are the owners. They are there to hold elections and demote moderators for breaking rules.

- - - What makes Globecraft special? - - -

1:1000 scale earth map

Moderator elections

No towny or similiar plugins

Some plugins, like dynmap and brewery

Claiming system through discord allowing for diplomacy, trading, and war

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Minecraft server:

Discord server: