Gaian Engineering G19.1 Release

Light 1.17+ experimental. Mine in every dimension, upgrade everything, Deep Caves -56

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Gaian Engineering G19.1 Release



Custom Datapacks installed:

Terralith, Incendium, Brackenpack


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Co-Operative Survival Server.


Version G19.1 Release must be installed to join the server


Modpack Link:


Gaia Kitten Presents - Gaian Engineering


Works best with Large Biomes world type. 4.5Gb RAM


A modpack designed for MC Java 1.17+

Features include:


- pre-1.18 Experimental terrain generation


- 1.19 WILD Update installed


- Flat Bedrock. (On the server the Bracken Datapack is installed however I've modified it to work with the lower bedrock, and made it so you have to break through bedrock to reach the Underdark.)


- Boosted Early-Game to get your mining operation up fast, if you are starting over again then not painful but still balanced.

(Prefab, Steam Drill = 3x3)

You will enjoy being boosted, as it will enable you to reach the brand new Better Nether and Better End, online!


- Don't get lost! The Charm mod provides a craftable ATLAS to keep all your maps in order. 


- Better Nether provides a new way to experience the Nether, mashed-up with Repurposed Structures to add more variety to the landscape. Better End makes the End incredible looking and worth visiting.


- When you get bored of dimension hopping, craft a starship and hop in to explore the rest of the Gaian Galaxy!


- Nature's Compass and Explorer's compasses will guide you to the new locations.


- Locate any biome or Dungeon in a survival friendly way.


- Dimensional Ores makes Nether and End mining fun again!


-Travel to Space! Build your own space station!


- Move Spawners around with the Carrier mod. There are many variations, including Wither Skeleton, Zombie Piglin, Enderman and Endermite spawners naturally generated.


- Totally different Redstone mechanics to explore. Along with TWO sets of redstone lamps in every colour!


- Destroying Limitations! Included are mods which remove the enchantment caps, plus a lot of new enchantments.

(Beacons can be BIGGER! Up to 10 tiers high)


- Iron chests, barrels and shulker boxes provide double chests+ worth of storage with additional Netherite beyond Diamond level. And da ultimate AMETHYST upgrades, its expensive in a good way!


- 8 Double Chests in ONE Amethyst Barrel

Official Original Mining Soundtrack is now available:

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