Euphoria REBORN

A fun and safe space for gamers alike, join us today!

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Euphoria REBORN

EuphoriaREBORN is a Discord hangout and Minecraft server that runs on Paper/Spigot and is on 1.17.1.

Our Focus

We focus on creating the best server and a fun and safe space for all gamers alike, we try to make the best moments out of everything and keep an active community, we try to make further steps everyday to creating the best and greatest server we could.


We have our own SMP, with great members and fun plugins. We do not use whitelist, faction plugins, or custom world-gen. We try to keep a vanilla gameplay experience for players on our server.

Our Rules

1. Bigotry in any form is a bannable offense, ex. Homophobia, Xenophobia, Racism, Sexism, Ableism.

2. Slurs will not be tolerated and will warrant a ban.

3. Posting personal information of any member of the server without consent or posting dangerous links such as IP grabbers, scams, etc. will result in an instant ban.

4. Personal arguments are not tolerated. Both parties will be muted and warned.

5. Discord TOS & Community Guidelines must be followed.

6. Ban, Kick, or Mute evasion is not allowed and will warrant a ban.

7. Do not discuss general topics that may make others uncomfortable.

8. Be respectful to other members and staff members.

9. Griefing, Stealing, or personal attacks of other players will not be tolerated.

10. War will need to be declared and accepted by all associated parties.

11. X-Raying, Duping, Abusing, Exploiting, or any other form of cheating will be an Insta-Ban.

12. Scamming players with in-game currency or items is not tolerated.