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Server Name: Simple MMC

Server Location: United States East Coast

Server Address: Will need to be whitelisted by myself (Contact me via discord, bottom of post)

Version: 1.18.1

Game Play Type/s: [Modded][SMP] - Hermitcraft like server

Description: A fresh take on vanilla Minecraft, the Valhelsia:EV offers many of quality of life mods and cool unique things to unlock. The biggest part of the pack is the leveling system (sorta RPG-ish) where you gain skill points in specific talents by killing mobs and just playing the game and in return leveling up you proficiency in a specific area for example (At level 4 mining you get stone tools!). My goal with creating this server is to provide a Hermitcraft experience, where you can rely on others and primarily talk with them. (I hate it when you join a server and no one is talking or interacting!) We offer tech mods to simple magic mods, your claims will be safe with our claiming system. Come build a town with tons of machines, perhaps you wanna ride a dragon that you tamed or use its scales to build powerful armor and weapons or maybe you wish to master the mystical arts of minecraft with new spells and enchantments. You will feast your eyes upon a beautiful world with a shaders mod prebuilt into the pack. Your decisions are your own but the others that you decide to stick by will certainly help sway you in different directions.

The goal of the server is to build a small but tightknit community, where we all chill and play day to day, from anywhere in the world. I hope to keep the server fresh and lively, actively hosting events when player population peeks. A few ideas I had for fun events is a horde based mode where dangerious mobs come and attack your base or town. If you and the server are able to defeat the horde you will be rewarded nicely. So it's encourage to build towns and to live with each other, player interaction is key when playing on the server. Slots are limited as I want to keep the server nice and lag free. Usually Modded MC with more then 30 or a server can really hurt its performance. So send me your disc and ill get to know you with some questions, if you fit then ill whitelist and you can join whenever you want!

Keep in mind the server is new so a lot is subject to change and to be reset and moved around so be prepared if you desire to join.

Rules: No Grief/Theft, No hateful speech, use common sense.

Owner: MonkeMan#3257

Modpack Link: