A fun 1.18.1 newly started server open to everyone with plugins to make your experience more enjoyable!

Location:USUnited States
Players: 0/100
Checked: Disabled
Score: 8
Votes: 1

Join us in PhantomCraft! A new and remodeled 1.18.1 server providing a VanillaPlus experience with a fun community, no lag and helpful staff members as well as amazing features which keep the server active.

The servers goal is not to get more players, but help our players achieve the best possible minecraft playing experience possible! We hope you can join us in this opportunity of a lifetime and make a ton of new friends along the way. Hope to see you there :D

📷• Discord -

📷• PVE Inventory - Only lose your inventory when dying to players!

📷• Active Community - The server has an awesome and very fun community!

📷• Fast Server - This server is very smooth and lag free!

📷• Home - Set a home point which you can teleport to any time!

📷• TPA - Allows you to send teleport requests to friends!

📷• Plugins - Amazing plugins to enhance the gameplay!

📷• Frequent Updates - Frequent updates to keep an active community!