Esploratori SMP

Bedrock Survival SMP

Location:GBUnited Kingdom
Players: 0/20
Checked: Disabled
Score: 14
Votes: 14

Hello, welcome to Esploratori SMP! Here you will find a small friendly community from all over the world. Building, exploring, peaceful interaction… and still pvp events, lore and factions: this is what you are going to find along with vanilla bedrock (no messy chat addons, or hard-to-use mod mechanics). Join our Discord server and get to know our members!

A little history of the smp: The world was started as a regular map by InnateAlpaca. Later Ada, Maja and Zara joined, and it became a Realm… While Fungo Town (capital of the smp and starter city) was growing as more players joined, two more nations were founded: the Arctic Kingdom and the Rio Village.

As the realm turned in an actual server more social activities were started: the “Saturday fight” in the arena, the well known “Random talk” by Maja, voting activities, the great Python’s Maze run… and so on.

More than 6 months have passed since our adventure on the smp begun! Join and be part of our world!


  • How can I join the smp? Simply join the discord server (… you will find all needed info and support there. (If you don’t have discord you can contact InnateAlpaca102 via Xbox chat or direct invite on a mc world)
  • Are there rules or is this anarchy? Yes there are a few rules you should keep in mind while playing, here a small summary:
    1. Be nice with other players in chat: no harass, insulting, bullying
    2. Be nice with other players in game: no stealing, killing, griefing
    3. Respect other people's spaces: don't enter another player's house without invitation
    4. Keep the planet clean (no random towers, blocks, holes)
    5. Members can vote: rule changes, new member's admission
  • Is the word refreshed? Am I going to lose my buildings? No, the world remains the same… and all buildings will be kept with it. There are a few conditions on the number and location of the constructions you may build though.
  • Why am I visitor? How can I become a member? All new players are considered “visitors” until they are accepted as members with a voting. Visitors can play as “member” only while some mod is around. Membership vote can take place after you have played a bit on the smp.
  • How long does it take to become a member? How can I speed it up? It can take from a couple of days to a couple of months actually. The key to speed it up is interacting a lot, and behave good with current members. Being active in discord can really help. (If you hide… play only when there is nobody around and be silent and away all time… that’s gonna make things longer). Also not respecting rules may turn into ban.
  • How are rules applied? Can I be banned? Short answer: yes. But. We have implemented a warning system, so you won’t have problems learning in full safety. Ban are applied for a certain amount of time… only a few infractions will be worth lifetime ban (like hacking).
  • Is the server survival or creative? This is a survival smp. Everything in it has been build in survival mode.
  • Is there any age limit? No, any age is welcome to join. Still while playing keep in mind that some players are under 14, so don’t post inappropriate contents.