Elaborate SMP

Active admin hosts custom modpack catering to several playstyles

Location:USUnited States
Players: 0/60
Checked: Disabled
Score: 8
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Play cooperatively. Be friendly. Survive together. Use FTB Chunks to claim land, or go exploring and scavenging.

I tweaked Create and Immersive Engineering so that you must first generate power using Create, then turn it into electricity to be used in Immersive Engineering. I also made many Immersive Engineering items require a Create "Mechanical Crafter" instead of being able to craft them in the crafting table. These changes make Immersive Engineering an endgame which is only accessible after you get to the highest tier Create items.

I've made similar changes to make farming, adventuring, crafting, and other areas more elaborate with an extended endgame as well. I actively maintain the modpack and take suggestions from players on what should be added or rebalanced.

To get started, check out our website: https://trusting-astronomy-f92.notion.site/ElaborateCraft-ElaborateSMP-314837efbc9a46a4bd94c289915e8584