Direwolf 20 1.16.5 By Instant Valle

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Direwolf 20 1.16.5 By Instant Valle

Welcome to Direwolf 20 1.16.5 Powered by Instant Valley MC!

Running the latest version of DW20

All dimensions on the server are enabled and the mining world gets reset once a month so everyone can use

the mining world to its full extent!

We include Shops, random teleport, very invested and active staff, all issues or problems wich can accure

to players will/shall be fixed as fast as posible even within 10 minuts!

so no one will have to wait when ever something does somehow go wrong!

Newest plugins and anti-grief solutions!

Vote Crates and rewards try your luck and see what cool loot you'll get from the vote crates!

Incredible vote rewards via the vote crates and we are and will always be open for any suggetions!

barely any item banned!