CursedCraft is mainly a survival server that is enhanced by custom mobs, bosses, quests and more!

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CursedCraft is mainly a survival server that is enhanced by custom mobs and bosses, quests, crates, custom enchants, and much much more!

Bosses: We have many custom bosses and are constantly adding more. Some of the bosses you will encounter on CursedCraft include a giant Slime Mother who is coming back for revenge! Hit her and she summons baby minions, but don't kill the minions: They heal the mother. Another boss is the Spider Queen. Kill her and her minions for some awesome rewards! There is many more!

Quests: Enjoy completing actions for money? Try out our quest system! Earn money and prizes by doing things like mining or fishing! Quests are always being added and changed, so you never know what you'll be asked to do!

Custom Enchants: Ever wanted to craft a pick that can mine a 3x3 area? Or maybe leggings that give you regen? Well with our custom enchants, you can! Custom enchants can be gotten by simply using a vanilla enchant table to enchant your books or items!

Custom Mobs: Other than our bosses, there are many other new mobs you'll find only on CursedCraft! Keep an eye out for the Static Sheep and the Human Dragon among many others. New mobs are always arriving, so be aware of your surroundings!

Custom Worlds: From the beautiful custom generation of the overworld to the Icy plains and mountains of our custom world Snowdin, you'll have plenty to explore in the lands of CursedCraft!

Tired of losing all your hardwork to griefers? Don't worry! On CursedCraft, griefing is completely against the rules! We pride ourselves on being a peaceful, friendly server with some amazing players and wonderful staff. Join us to begin your adventure!