Mods Without Mods

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The goal of this server is to provide a modded experience, without mods. It accomplishes this through a variety of plugins, a custom world generator, and datapacks like Amplified Nether and FokaStudio's Ender Expansion to enhance the nether and end, and overworld. We also have custom mobs, some of which even have their own custom models. The wither boss fight has been completely redesigned, and the server has craftable guns and custom armor and items to balance the mobs. We also have plenty of custom resources, as well as magic and tech systems thanks to Slimefun. Currently I'm working on adding custom slimefun content and a custom dimension which will release later this year.

I also recommend checking out the Server website as I post important updates there, and more frequently too. It also has forums and a live chat.

Only 1.18+ is supported due to limitations of older versions