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I would like to introduce you guys to a competitive parkour server named

ParkourLive which is reactivation of my former server from over 8

years ago called XamJump!

ParkourLive brings Minecraft parkour to a completely new level with a lot of features that make it competitive.

[1.8-1.19] + bedrock support

Our own Parkour plugin

Over 130 parkour maps! (All of them are made by us!)

High score system for each map

Leveling system

When you fall, you get teleported back to start(or last checkpoint you made!)

Set your own checkpoints

Parkour duels (you can duel you friends for XP)

AutoEvent system (still not sure if we should enable them)

Parkour Achievements (Coming soon!)

Custom Parkours (Parkours with different potion effects)

Bedrock edition support!

Adding parkours to favourites

And much more features which will be released in the coming months or weeks.