Comfy Craft

Wholesome modded MC community

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Comfy Craft

Welcome to Comfy Craft!

Comfy Craft is a welcoming and wholesome community network that offers a variety of Modded Minecraft servers. We try to engage community interactions in our in-game servers with looking for team channels, creating a good-looking spawn for the community, events and much more! Also you can chat on our discord with people about everything Minecraft related or not. We offer a variety of Minecraft servers with long living Vanilla+ servers as well as Kitchen sink modpacks and challenging grindy expert packs.

Currently Hosted Packs:

Valhelsia Enhanced Vanilla

BetterMC [Fabric][1.19.2]

All The Mods 8

Chroma Endless

After joining please head to the Rules channel and read them carefully, after that you can request your Whitelist.