The Mountain; Create Astral

A Create: Astral Server! Come along and join us!

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A fairly small but inviting community who currently play Create: Astral - a new, quest-based 1.18.2 modpack that's centered around the newly updated Create mod. It offers a rewarding, exciting and adventurous playthrough filled to the brim with mods that assist in automating and creating factories throughout.

We utilize FTBChunks to prevent griefs and general claiming. We have a couple custom commands, one being CommandLimiter which promotes the accurate and deliberate use of commands such as ./tpa and ./rtp. Our main intention with this is to somewhat limit the players into relying entirely on commands for adventures - but not completely cut them off so as to allow them to base with others early-on.

We also have a ./home system - mostly just because you can't be without one. Too nice of a QoL addition to not have!

Feel free to check our discord out - that's where you can get the information to join the server and whitelist yourself all automagically! Our discord links your minecraft account with your discord account to give a little more security to the entire server. Due to this being the case, unfortunately, only 'premium' or 'legit' copies of minecraft accounts are allowed on the server.

Hope you like what you hear, if so, I'll see you on the discord!