Small Vanilla SMP on 1.20.4

Players: 0/150
Checked: 3 minutes ago
Score: 32
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This Server is mostly used by german users. So the chat and voicechat will almost be german.

This is a small Minecraft Vanilla SMP server on 1.20.4 without any datapacks or vanilla game changing features. Come on up, there's cake.


To be able to join this server, it is required to join our Discord server an let you whitelist by the bot. You have to try to join the server first. Then you'll get a code. Message the Bot with this code and you're whitelisted!

The Discord Server:

Rules & Policies:

  • Griefing on other bases and other players loot is disallowed
  • Using a Hacked Client is disallowed
  • Client improving mods (e.g. QoL Features like a minimap or inventory sorters) are allowed as long as they do not include features that can used to hack, cheat or allowing you to do client enhancing stuff that was not intended to work on vanilla servers.
  • Be patient with other players on the servers. (If you don't, they might make use of the chat reporting feature mojang implemented a few updates ago)
  • Illegal texts, images, skins and other media are prohibited on the server. (For example nazi symbols)
  • Violation against these rules might get you banned.