BoxxyNetwork - Modded Network

Hosting Multiple Modded Minecraft Servers

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BoxxyNetwork - Modded Network


Who and what are we?

We are a fairly new and recent modded minecraft server network, we host several modded minecraft servers and offer everyone support to enjoy a full modded experience. We strive to have stable and fast servers so there is no lag and a chill atmosphere.

If you want to have a fun and interesting modded minecraft experience, join one of our servers and jump on discord to say hello!

Hope to see you soon ;)

What Modpacks and Servers?

  • FTB Skies -
  • All of Fabric 6 -
  • Medieval MC (Fabric) -
  • All the Mods 8 -
  • All the Mods 9 -
  • Enigmatica 9: Expert -
  • Mechanical Mastery -
  • Techopolis 2 -
  • Statech Industry -
  • Create: Arcane Engineering -
  • FTB University -
  • Vault Hunters 3rd (SkyVaults) -
  • ATM8: Volcano Block -

For a full list of all our servers, join us on our discord where you can participate in voting for the next pack we add to our network and suggest new modpacks as they come out!

What do we offer?

  • Custom vote reward system with multiple rewards that you can choose per server!
  • Playtime ranks (synced across all servers).
  • 24/7 dedicated servers to host all the modpacks without issue's or lag.
  • Friendly and supportive staff, fire your questions to get answered or make a support ticket to get in touch if you encounter any issue's ingame on one of our servers.

Hope to see you on one of our servers soon!