End Portal Frame

💜 The simple vanilla server. Just play here :3

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End Portal Frame

💜 Welcome to the exciting world of End Portal Frame, the classic Minecraft survival server created with love for the game and designed especially for our loyal Java Edition fans. Here you discover a unique survival experience, surrounded by friends and other players, tasked with co-creating the world as you explore its magnificent landscapes. Remember that you need to follow the server rules and be friendly to each other.

💎 Key aspects of the server: NoPVP, Simple and comfortable rules, Territory privates, Homes, Warps, Kits, Friends, Clans, Money, Auction and much more

⛏️ Join our incredible community on the End Portal Frame server, where every block, every encounter, and every new building becomes part of a fascinating story. We strive to create a place where your creativity flourishes and your adventures with friends and others bring new flavors to the virtual world. Your journey begins here - in a world where survival becomes an art and friendship is the key to success.

🕹 We also have an official Discord server where you can interact with the community, ask questions and suggestions, learn about the latest updates and share your gaming adventures: discord.gg/P6HvXhucQn

😇 Thank you for choosing End Portal Frame as your second home in Minecraft! Have a good game!