Emerald SMP

"Simple as minecraft"

Location:GBUnited Kingdom
Players: 0/20
Checked: Disabled
Score: 5
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Welcome to our 100% Vanilla Minecraft Server! We offer a pure Minecraft experience, free from any front-sided mods, ensuring a classic and authentic gameplay environment. Our server boasts a vibrant community where players can explore, build, and create in a wholesome and untouched Minecraft world.

Join us to immerse yourself in the purest form of Minecraft, where creativity knows no bounds. Our server is meticulously maintained by a dedicated team of moderators who ensure a fair, friendly, and safe gaming environment for everyone.

Key Features:

  • Vanilla Gameplay: Enjoy Minecraft in its original state without any modifications, preserving the core essence of the game.
  • Community-driven: Interact and collaborate with a diverse player base, sharing ideas and creations.
  • Discord Integration: Connect with fellow players, get updates, participate in events, and engage in discussions on our Discord server.
  • Active Moderation: Our experienced team of moderators ensures a positive atmosphere, resolving issues promptly and maintaining order.