Crafter's Lounge ATM 9 [Latest Ver

ATM9 Modded MC

Location:USUnited States
Players: 1/15
Checked: Disabled
Score: 16
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Welcome fellow modded crafters and welcome to Crafter's Lounge!

The intent with this community is simple...

✅ To enjoy playing games with each other

✅ Having a place to relax after a long day

✅ Enjoying a minimal lag server

We are able to play on a server with:

📈 128gb of DDR5 Ram

🌐 Over 1 gigabyte of upload and download speed!

🚀 Ryzen 7900

📡 TWO 2 terabyte NVMe drives

Another major goal for us, is to keep banned items to a minimal.

With this being said, ATM 9 is going to start with a clear ban-list, meaning no items are banned.

However, if items begin to become an issue for the server as a whole, alternative methods may be advised.


Server Information:

Modpack: All the Mods 9

Version: 0.2.31 (Latest as of 12/15)

Join the Discord here: