Odincraft Networks

We are a Towny / McMMO / Jobs / Quests server with a unique touch of the Nordic mythology.

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Players: 7/150
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Welcome to Odincraft Networks.

We are a Towny / McMMO / Jobs / Quests server with a unique touch of the Nordic mythology. The network currently support version 1.14.3.

Its currently on Open Beta as we are continuously working on adding more features and improving on the gameplay, but people are welcome to take part on the process by giving their input and discuss. We listen to the players, this is what makes us unique from most of the servers out there.

Server IP: play.odincraft.netVisit our Website: https://www.odincraft.netView our Wiki for more info: https://odincraft.fandom.com/wiki/Server_CratesJoin our Discord server: https://discord.gg/jvswcu4


1. Server Crates- - - - - - -The Server Crates are located in the spawn. Alternatively, you can get to here using the warp command: /warp crates.

A Server Crate contains rewards items, exp, op gears etc that are obtainable through exchanging certain keys. Each of the crates will only be unlocked when you have the right key.

List of the crates:-- Vote crate - keys are obtainable from voting on the websites- Common crate- Uncommon crate- Rare crate- Epic crate- Godly crate

2. The Realms- - - - - - -Muspelheim is the realm of fire, and one of the nine worlds in the Norse mythology. It is the house of the undead, of which have resistance to fire. Differs with the Nether or Hel as we call it in the server, there are presence of water and presence of the Mobs from the overworld the Midgard.

The world is accessible by issuing one of these commands:-- /warp muspelheim- /world and selecting the Muspelheim icon

Special mobs will spawn in some places. They drop special loots but have extraordinary strength, which may be deadly to be defeated.

Among the mobs that spawn in the realm:-- Zombie level 1-2- Zombie Guard level 3- Blaze level 1- Skeleton level 1-2- Bolverkr- Legion of the Fallen coming soon- The Baphomet coming soon

3. The Shiny Collection- - - - - - -Our server has some custom items we made for the people who love collecting items, like myself, to enjoy, sell and trade as a pass-time! You may have been directed here after you received a Shiny Crate Key from voting or for free. Let me give you some basic information about them so you can understand how they work.

Where is the Shiny Crate- To find the shiny crate, type /warp shiny in the servers chat.

How many items are there- In total, there is 54 items to collect, all holding a different resell value.

How do I resell my collectables back to the server- You may only resell 5 shiny items at a time, and you will need to contact preferably DefiantTrekk or an Owner.

Can I trade/sell my shiny items to other players- Yes! We encourage you to do so!

Why does item 54 tell me to look here :L- We want to promote players who are good at collecting, and offer to put all the players names AND a cool 20k in game cash if you manage to collect all 54. So to answer the question number 54 only holds value when you notify the server you have collected all 54, and allow your items to be stamped.

Do i get to keep all the shiny items when I claim my prize- Yes! We will stamp all of your items however and you will not be allowed to trade the stamped items with others. You can still trade duplicate ones you own

4. Are we a pay-to-win server - - - - - - -We would like to proudly inform all of our players that there are no way to obtain the keys by donating or purchasing using real money, but instead just the in-game money you can get from jobs farming, mining, hunting etc, McMMO, trades, events and other in game activities. We are against any sort of pay-to-win.

5. Creative server- - - - - - -Accessible from the Lobby. The creative server is running on 1.14.2, and is accessible by entering the Creative server portal in the Server Lobby or issuing one of the following commands:- /creative- /crea

You are given access to WorldEdit with extension of AsyncWorldEdit for more powerful and speedy operations.

All plots are sized at 128x128, plus merging is also allowed. So the possibility is limitless!

6. Events- - - - - - -From Elytra Challenge to zombie survival games, we held events every weekend.


Note: Even though we are called open beta, survival maps will NOT be reset after we launched. Follow our Discord server for more information.

Join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/jvswcu4