Cubera is a small community survival server for you and friends.

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Simple Minecraft with others:

Cubera is a small community survival server for you and friends. We aim towards players who just want to play nostalgic Survival Minecraft with no jam packed additive features.You will only find the very basics on Cubera such as land claiming, chest locking and player shops. While we do have some other nice touches, they don't interrupt the survival experience.


Land Claims - Use a golden shovel to claim land, or just place down your starter chest. You can gain more claims just by playing, up to 100 extra per hour.

Chest Locking - We don't allow stealing items! To prevent this you can lock chests, doors, furnaces, etc to stop anyone taking your hard earned valuables. If you want friends and trusted players to access your chests, you can allow that.

Mobs To Eggs - This plugin was developed by Cubera staff! All you have to do is throw a chicken egg at a mob for a chance to catch it.Catching a mob will encapsulate it in the mob's spawn egg which can then be used on spawners.

Silk Spawners - If you have a silk touch pickaxe, you can mine spawners and move them anywhere you like.With Mobs to Eggs you can change the mob that spawns allowing you to have a spawner of any captured mob.