Block Hermit

I’ve never seen a juice box...but I hear they pack a punch.

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What is "Hermit Style"?

>> Hermit style is based on the youtube series "HermitCraft" by many famous YouTube MCers. You live far away from other players and build and thrive on your own. You occasionally join up with others to build projects together but ultimately, you're on your own in a community of people who are also independent.

What is the goal of Block Hermit?

>> BlockHermit is here for entertainment! Closely resembling vanilla gameplay, players are encouraged to survive in the survival world legitimately and build legitimately as well. Even our OPs play survival and build in survival like the rest of the server does! This means no ranks, and no cheated items!

What plugins are there in Block Hermit?

>> BlockHermit runs on bukkit and runs minor plugins specifically to enhance vanilla gameplay. The only plugin that disrupts vanilla gameplay is "BetterShops" plugin. This plugin allows creation of shops and is mainly there to minimize thinning out of rare blocks and items (saddles, horse armor, name tags, etc). Otherwise, the server also runs GriefPrevention to minimize griefing; CraftConomy so we can use BetterShops; and PopulationDensity so we can build hundreds of chunks away from each other and still visit each other easily.

What is the community like?

>> We established the server hoping for a mature community and we believe that has been established! We encourage a friendly community and those that stay to play long are friendly and informative to new players. Because there is no griefing and no pvp, hostility to new players and old players alike are nonexistant. As long as new players read the rules and learn to play on the server as the hermit server it is, new players often immediately become one of the old. We hope to continue to keep this the way it is, as it's a comfortable way to play!

How are you able to keep the server "Grief free"?

>> The "Grief Prevention" plugin allows players to 'claim' land that they are working on. This makes it impossible for any other player to do anything on their land other than move around without permission. Players are able to give 'trust' to other players that they want to build with. The server also logs most activity. All chat logs are monitored every few hours and all activity within the server are also monitored. We are able to see what you place into and take out of chests, what blocks you place where, what entities you grew where, etc. Grief is not tolerated and all offenders usually get banned. Our OPs are also hidden so you never know when one is watching what you do.