WilderCraft Season 7 - End Resets! 1.15.2 Friendly Survival + Shops + Ranks

Location:USUnited States
Players: 6/330
Checked: 4 minutes ago
Score: 40
Votes: 1

New Season 7! Starts today, Friday Dec 13 2019 — Come explore new survival worlds!


Friendly and hard survival server that's nature-themed:

  • - [NEW MAP] generated in 1.15 with all the bees!
  • - Custom chest shop plugin developed by owner Redbau
  • - /tp and /home cost 1 Eye of Teleportation™ (because survival has costs!)
  • - use /spawn for free anytime you want and visit our player shops (buy useful items like ender pearls, elytra, food, enchanted books, etc!)
  • - Wilderness warp (free to use, but has a cooldown)
  • - Friendly and helpful owner (also a software developer & dad)
  • - Land claims for grief prevention
  • - Ranks and daily /vote rewards


We're a nature-themed semi-vanilla survival Minecraft server. Let's help each other build beautiful structures, useful farms and explore our world. Choose sites and landscapes carefully as the surrounding environment should emphasize nature over the structure itself.


  1. Be nice. We promptly ban toxic trolls, over 3,000 served.
  2. Earn your items. Beg/cheat/hack/x-ray is against the survival spirit. Try the shops.
  3. Stealing or griefing someone's unclaimed base isn't nice.
  4. Keep chat civil. Skip spam & politics; make chat helpful, friendly and fun for everyone.
  5. If you disagree with a staff decision, please post in the mod-help channel on /discord