Chlling server setup for people to come and play

Location:GBUnited Kingdom
Players: 0/40
Checked: Disabled
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TekkitPrime is a server set up to play Tekkit Legends in the best way possible, with a claiming system and ranks that allow each and every person to progress and enjoy the new world that has been created by our team. The IP for the server is tekkitprime.serverminer.com. With a brand new world, you will be able to be the founding members of the community and build wherever you want. Our anti-griefing rules will allow for the staff members to keep the server clear of all griefers or hackers, keeping the community safe to build whatever they want, wherever they want within our world. We are looking to create a new playerbase with dedicated players. All players who join will be able to climb ranks with their playtime. As a new server we are looking for potential builders, graphic designers and staff members, apply at the discord https://discord.gg/M8npZgT

Head Admin Of TekkitPrime - chapperspitfireOwner Of TekkitPrime - JustMattyB