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CREATIVE PLOTS + TOWNY + City + Skyblock + Disneyland

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1.16 CREATIVE | [Free] WORLDEdit | Merge-able BIG Plots | VoxelSniper |         | Schematic Download/Upload |Disneyland + CREATIVE PLOTS + TOWNY + City + SKYBLOCK

Quick info

1 The more you build in the Plot World, Towny, & Skyblock, the faster you rank-up.

2 Higher ranks give you access to new permissions, name tags, and build access in the City!

3 New to building? Relax, your building skills do not matter, so build for fun, and still climb the ranks!

4 Skyblock, Towny, Creative Plots, and visiting Disneyland means that there is never a dull moment!

5 We also welcome build teams to build in our Plot World for their own projects, and we can make special accomodations for you!

We have casual players wanting to build dirt huts, and professional builders that sell their builds on our plot world. Since WorldEdit is Free, and that you can Merge & Download Plots as Schematics, it's a perfect setup for any type of Builder!

Additionally, For the first time in Minecraft history, we are on track to finish Hong Kong Disneyland this summer! We have 3D-models for ride vehicles, firework shows, actual area music, live shows, costumes, and more! If you have been on any of the popular theme park servers, we're also like that, only laid-back, and the only to feature Hong Kong Disneyland.

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