SaharaMC - HermitCraft

Welcome to SaharaMC Season 2!

Location:USUnited States
Players: 5/50
Checked: Disabled
Score: 0
Votes: 6

SaharaMC is a whitelist Hermitcraft inspired server designed by iHuggles, X_IT_X, and Ascendeadqt. We are founded on the principles of making a community everyone can belong to. We have an active, mature community, along with a dedicated staff that wants to ensure the best possible gameplay. Districts are setup just like HermitCraft. We are looking for quality over quantity keep this in mind when applying. We will be hosting monthly events for our community to ensure comradery along with holiday events. We use a discord server for all communication.If you love Hermitcraft this is the server for you!

Season 2 Just began! Join now for a fresh experience!

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