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Join us for a true semi-vanilla experience with a friendly mature community!

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Join us for a true semi-vanilla experience with a friendly mature community! Our survival is full of enhancements for multiplayer, featuring land claims, anti-resource-starvation, and teleporting that does not change the difficulty of vanilla survival.

Our features add to vanilla without changing the experience. Here are several of our tweaks, features, and enhancements. :

- Premium high quality hosting, designed around the needs of Minecraft, with performance and security in mind. Our server is rock-solid.

- Unique post-based teleportation allows people to meet up, but teleporting from anywhere is not allowed, maintaining vanilla difficulty.

- Experienced and seasoned moderation staff, with server plugins to ban and bore trolls, griefers, and spammers alike.

- Our claiming system is very easy to use, and prevents all forms of griefing, and is available right when you join.

- New players spawn in a guided tour in a special world, and when done, can instantly start playing with a single command.

- The new player starting region rotates automatically, meaning you always have resources when you join.

- Animals, trees, ores, plants, and more are readily available right when you start.

- Charged creepers, hostile wolves, and other unusual mobs spawn naturally on rare occasions.

- Crying obsidian works for nether portals.

- Phantoms do not spawn as frequently, and burn in well-lit areas.

- Certain mobs drop scarce resources helping to preventing resource starvation ghasts drop 20 glowstone, ender dragons drop elytras

- Areas that are mined-out will still have diamonds eliminating starvation

- Our trees fall down when they are chopped, not floating in the sky and staying there

- Optionally, the inventory and chests auto-sort themselves, keeping your inventory organized

- Donor benefits have zero pay-to-win perks, and instead encourage more gameplay benefits include more claim blocks, a gold name, more item sorting, larger ender chests

and much more!

See /help upon join for more specific information about these tweaks!

Discord Server:

This server is run by very experienced and seasoned staff most have been here for many years. The owner has run servers since Minecraft Alpha. This server been online for over six years. Were not going anywhere. Come settle in and relax with us!

Our world is large, and has open building space everywhere. The community is friendly and diverse. Players are mature and respectful.

Hop on today and mine with us! :)