Tranquility Craft (AoF3)

All of Fabric 3! Come chill :)

Location:USUnited States
Players: 2/96
Checked: Disabled
Votes: 2

Welcome to Tranquility Craft, a private server for All of Fabric 3 ver1.16.4!

We are a small whitelisted 21+ server for All of Fabric 3. We’re a small community of older Minecraft players looking to chill and enjoy modded Minecraft with other people. If you’re interested in joining us please apply to the whitelist here:


  • 1. Don't be rude. Respect other members and staff.
  • 2. Listen to staff members.
  • 3. No large explosives or lag generating contraptions (subject to staff discretion).
  • 4. No x-raying or exploitation.
  • 5. No PVP unless both parties agree to it.
  • 6. Keep the environment beautiful. No floating trees. Fill in creeper explosions to the best of your ability.
  • 7. Claim your base. Items lost due to not having a claim will not be replaced.
  • 8. You must be 21 or older to play on this server.
  • 9. Common sense rules apply. If it seems like a bad idea, it probably is.
  • 10. Have fun and chill! :)