Peaceful Vanilla Club

Bedrock (pocket) & Java cross-play semi-vanilla with no teleports, but with a lot of other improvements! 🧡

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Peaceful Vanilla Club

→ To play on Java Edition:

→ To play on Bedrock (Pocket): (default port)

  2. NO PVP (Only in PvP Arenas)
  3. NO Map Resets
  4. NO HUB/Network
  5. NO Pay-to-win or VIP
  • Since June 2019 - 24/7
  • Semi-vanilla (vanilla improved)
  • Java Edition & Crossplay Pocket Edition (Bedrock)
  • Farlands
  • Easy to Use Land Claim Blocks
  • Mature and Active Players & Staff
  • Peaceful & Friendly Community
  • Lots of improvements (decorative heads, sit, unstuck, unions, events, deathchests, much more ...)
  • LGBTQ+ Friendly

Enjoy a peaceful vanilla experience, with no grief, no pay to win ranks and no PvP outside arenas. Play like you do on single player, but with friends! With no worries. LGBTQ+ Friendly Minecraft Server.

The server is based on Java Edition but you can play with Bedrock Edition too! This means you can play with MCPE (Pocket Editon) on iOS and Android smartphones. Of course, you can (and should) play also with the good old Java Edition.

Peaceful Vanilla Club is a semi-vanilla virtual reality (VR) friendly server. We officially support the Vivecraft VR mod for Minecraft Java Edition, but the official Minecraft VR version for Oculus works very well too!

✅ No Fast Travel: Wander and Explore!

✅ A Peaceful Place to Unwind

✅ A Nostalgic Journey

✅ No PvP Outside Arenas

✅ Quality of Life Enhancements

✅ No Map Resets: Timeless Terrains

✅ Land Claims: Protect Your Territory

✅ Player-Managed Economy: Build Your Empire

✅ Playtime Ranks: Rise Through the Ranks

✅ Commands and Utilities: Enhancing Gameplay

✅ Hard Survival Areas: Seek the Challenge