The Belter Pack 2.5

The best 1.12.2 modpack server you will find! Barely any rules. Lots of mods.

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Players: 0/99
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Hey! If you are joining this discord to play the Belter Pack modpack for Minecraft, then this is the right place.

Step 1: Install the Technic Launcher

Step 2: Navigate to the Modpacks tab, and click in the search box.

Step 3: Search for "Belter" or "The Belter Pack" or "The Belter". Any works. Then, click install pack.

Step 4: (if your new to modpacks), you will need to allocate more RAM in your minecraft client in order to run it.

With Shaders, I reccommend around 7-8, without Shaders, around 4-7 is good.

You may either play Singleplayer, or connect to our server (IP is pre-installed on the server list) and meet a wonderful community of players.

Mod Count (as of 2.5): 249

Hope you enjoy, and if you have any questions please redirect them to the Discord Server to an Admin or Owner! Thanks!