Survival, Creative, and Sky block.

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Players: 0/50
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Welcome to our little server! Right now we focus primarily on survival, sky block, and creative plots. We have time-based ranks that give you commands.


Guest: Default!

Member: Play for 1 hour.

Iron: Play for 5 hours.

Lapis: Play for 10 hours.

Gold: Play for 24 hours.

Redstone: Play for 40 hours and mind 100 redstone ore.

Diamond: Play for 45 hours and mine 25 diamond ore.

Emerald: Play for 55 hours and mine 25 emerald ore.

Netherite: Play for 100 hours.

Do /warp ranks in-game to see what each rank gets you!

You get colored chat when you reach Netherite, but you can get it earlier by purchasing it at our shop! Just do /buy while in-game or go to our website at