HermitCraft like server

Location:USUnited States
Players: 0/30
Checked: Disabled
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We are like hermit craft but with a different name 15+ community No toxicity and its pretty chill we need a minimum of 10 players to start the server we have everything set up and ready to go we just need the Players Rules are posted in the discord we have music bots and we have some data packs/crafting tweaks other than that the server is 100% vanilla the server will start once we get 10-20 people and I will make a set date so everyone can start Fair and square.

The Data Packs and Crafting Tweaks are afk display anti enderman grief classic fishing loot double shulker shell dragon drop durability ping larger phantoms more mob head multiplayer sleep silence mob treasure gem wandering trades hermit edition universal Dyeing Powder to Glass More Blocks More Trapdoors More Bark More Stairs More Bricks Unpackable Ice Unpackable Nether Wart