The hacker free server for you!

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We at GoldCloudMC want to give our players a amazing time both alone and with other players.

The reasons why you should at least try our server out:


...have 5 different games: TNTRun, Skyblock, Bedwars, UHC, HungerGames and we are adding maps on a weekly basis.

...have professional staff. We want everyone to be threaten equally. So people who want to apply for staff will have to go through a application, interview and test week before they get actually hired. All of that just so you can play without disturbance. 

...have almost no downtime. We monitor our server 24/7. If a hacker comes in or if a bug causes the server to crash, we will fix it right away. 

...listen to YOU. Yes, we want to involve the community in making this server a enjoyable server for everyone. That’s why we always listen to suggestions, bug reports, player reports, etc.

Rest is up to you to judge. Join our server! Thanks. xD