PEVE Mature PVP/Anarchy Server

Mature anarchy survival server with slim rules!

Location:USUnited States
Players: 1/30
Checked: Disabled
Score: 8
Votes: 1
PEVE Mature PVP/Anarchy Server

TLDR; Anarchy survival server with economy and pvp features added in... no hacking.

Hello Everyone! Welcome to PEVE our Anarchy server. Rules are pretty simple, just no hacked clients, x-ray, duping, and don't be childish as this server is aimed for a mature (18+) playerbase. We aren't teachers or parents, we are college students and essential works that pay for this server to have fun with like-minded players, so we hold the right to ban or kick anyone that disrespects us or our rules at any moment with or without warning. IP: 

We try our best to mimic vanilla survival gameplay with added features to enhance and add new objective to the normal game. So far we've added in economy features such as a server shop with /shop and a auction house /ah, so players can use in-game currency to buy and sell items for different ones and hunt for things they normally would not. Right now we are still adding and working on more features to make our server fun and unique.