Mine O's Cereal

Part of this balanced breakfast.

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Tech, magic, and exploration in every bite! Try Mine O's Cereal today! Part of this balanced breakfast.This pack contains many hand-picked mods that add loads of content. The main draw is Advent to Ascension AKA Nevermine. It features RPG-like skill progression and a jam-packed dimension to explore.Other features include: Many magic additions, like Thaumcraft and Electeroblob's Wizardry. Cast spells and learn forbidden arcane knowledge!Harvestcraft adds many new foods to discover and eat, and with SOL Carrot, new foods contribute to gaining new hearts!Multiblock smelteries and new tools are introduced with Tinkers Construct, which has a few addons to tie it to other mods in the pack!Like bees, trees, and butterflies? Then try Forestry's bee breeding! Just 'bee' careful not to get stung!Discover Chance Cubes that can give you powerful items!...or spawn a bunch of creepers to try and murder you!Technology mods add machinery to do large-scale mining, processing, and even storing!Galacticraft lets you zoom off to the stars and beyond!…and Hats!Plus many other mods that add to the sugary crunch that is Mine O's Cereal!Find the pack here: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/mine-os-cereal