An everlasting world full of magic, wonder, technology, and limitless adventure.

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Welcome stranger, if you've stumbled upon this pack it's because you belong here. You're now on the path to discovering a world full of magic, wonder, technology,  and limitless adventure. The only limit to the amount of fun you can have in Fillory is your own imagination and your will to push forth into the unknown.

We have been waiting for you. Yes, you. Each and every one of you fortunate souls who find this pack and share it with their friends is in for a wild adventure.



✔ 865 Handcrafted quests (including server-side integrated) with the future server-side "expansion pack" already in development.

✔ Dedicated 24/7 Ryzen 3800X 8 Core (16 thread) - 3.9/4.5GHz server with 100% uptime aside from maintenance and 64GB of DDR4 RAM.

✔ A tight-knit community of active and extremely friendly people. Find new friends, forge new alliances, join the family.

✔ Tameable pets and a purely cosmetic server shop. We don't give advantages to people with money, but those among us who choose to support the community are rewarded with status and cosmetics.

✔ Build a civilization from scratch with flawless integration of the Minecolonies mod.

✔ FTB Quest-integrated player shop with custom-coded server exchange compatibility. Turn your hard-earned FTB coins into server cash, or real-life money on our website through in-store credit.

✔ Future-proofing in the form of server permanence. Are you sick of starting fresh on servers only to have the rug pulled up from under you when the owner runs out of money? 

Well, good news... Fillory is fully funded and paid for by our stretch-goal community campaign through April of 2022. 100% of Any further donations from the community go towards extending the permanence of the server for years to come.

✔ Unique Bounty system that includes players and encourages exploration. Be careful not to make enemies with the rich or you might just end up the target of a bounty hunter.

✔ Custom quests, dungeons, structures, bosses, pets, cosmetics, collectibles, and secrets... 

✔ Achievements, Legendaries, and Ancient Artifacts to collect and show off, and so so so so so so so so so much more... 

✔ A truly magical world awaits you in... Fillory.