The Business Zone

(read description) Businesses, computers, working airships, chisels and bits, and a 100% player based economy.

Location:USUnited States
Players: 0/20
Checked: Disabled
Votes: 2

Note: This server uses Forge Mod Loader! We've seen a lot of people trying to join, but they can't get in either because they don't have the mods or they don't have Forge. Please make sure to install the mods before joining, and if you need help, there's more info on our Discord server!

Discord Server:

Modpack: (1.12.2):

This was originally intended to be a server for myself and friends, but now we're expanding, looking for more active players to make things feel a bit more alive.

What we have to offer

  • A 100% player based economy, using the Oxygen mod and OpenComputers for more advanced transactions.
  • Valkyrien Skies (airships that you can walk on as they move)
  • Immersive engineering, Ender IO, Thermal Foundation (and the expansions), Applied Energistics, Refined Storage, Mekanism, Matter Overdrive, Open Computers, and many more technology mods.
  • Fun mods, like grappling hooks (which can grapple onto airships as well), TechGuns, Chisel, Chisels and Bits, Tinkers Construct/Armory, and more.
  • Discord integration (chat gets relayed between the discord server and the in-game chat, so you don't have to alt-tab to talk to people that aren't currently on the server)
  • Lots of enchantments (from multiple mods)
  • Active maintenance (I'm constantly trying to make things more balanced so that the economy can function more efficiently)
  • Offline raiding protection
  • Dynamic Web Map ( 
  • Vampirism (for those who are into that, vampires don't spawn unless you're in a vampire biome

More info on our discord server:

If you've never played modded Minecraft before, no need to worry! There are instructions for getting the mods to work on our discord server.