Modded explorations and automation

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Geymurscraft is a light modpack built upon automation and adventuring. With our own research and interest, this pack improves the quality of life by adding options that suit the taste of the majority. It's made possible with the amazing mods listed below. What are you waiting for! It is for free and free is good! See you around Geymur!Major Mods:Applied EnergisticsAquacultureBiomes O PLentyBuildcraftTConstructExtreme ReactorsEnder IORoguelike DungeonsSimply JetpacksThaumcraftGeymurscraft revolves around adventure and automation choosing between magic and weapons or maybe even choosing both. The age of exploration has come to us now will you stay in and automate or go out into the wild and find more power. What’s you answer Geymur?To join join the discord and sign fill up the intros!Discord : ""