[EU] Star Redux Gaming Extreme ATM

All the mods 6 rock!

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Welcome to Star Redux Gaming CommunityOur goal is not only to create an active and friendly gaming community, but also provide tutorials and support to our members.This server is running All The Mods 6, Version can be found on Discord or server MOTD We will try to keep this always up to date, so watch out for any updates!Currently rules are simple:1 No hacked clients2 Do not intentionally break the server, or corrupt worldthis includes intentionally reducing server TPS.3 Be respectful to others.Please report any Buggs or Issues you run into in our Discord, same as more information can be found there.We are a new community so the website is still under development.Dedicated server features:Intel i9-9900K / Xeon E-2288G @ 5GhzDDR4 2666MHz Memory 10GBThese will be adjusted according server TPSUnmetered Enterprise Grade NVMe SSDs480Gbps DDoS ProtectionUnlimited Slots These will be adjusted according server TPSEuropeAutomatic Backups2 Dedicated CPU ThreadsThese will be adjusted according server TPSDiscord invitation, incase widget doesnt work:https://discord.gg/eNuzUVAPTj